The Sex Gods Pornstar Novel by M.E Julie

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The Sex Gods Pornstar Novel Summary.

“How long does it take for you to orgasm?” The first interview question took Kate by surprise. She looked over at her potential boss and blurted.

“Excuse me?” “Or are you a virgin?” He asked again. Then ordered her to strip when Kate agreed she wasn’t a virgin. Kate Migrated from New Orleans to Sin city looking for an acting role after she received an email from the company.

Unknowingly to her, the company turned out to be a very popular Porn company owned by the twins, Alex and Aiden, who were popularly known as the sex gods.

Initially, Kate wanted to reject the job but she became too desperate after she found out her father’s condition. One thing Kate never knew is that she’ll get tangled in the struggle between the twin brothers, who were fighting to gain her love and own her heart.

When the tension between the brothers became too hot, secrets started coming to light. The exact secret that ruined Kate’s life years before. Who among the twin brothers is the father of her son?

The Sex Gods Pornstar Novel by M.E Julie
The Sex Gods Pornstar Novel by M.E Julie

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