The Sex Doctor [His Submissive (18+)] Novel by Babyauthor

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, THE SEX DOCTOR [HIS SUBMISSIVE (18+)] by Babyauthor.



(18+) “Please doctor, please fuck me please”. Ann begged.

Her hands were handcuff below her knee which made her legs to hang up in the air. Marcus observed her pussy that were spread wide open for his eyes to feast on.

His cock hardened and trying to break free out of his pants but he tried suppressing his urge as he stared at her wet entrance with lust filled in his eyes.

“Please touch me doctor, please touch me down there doctor it hurts so baaaaad…..”. Ann begged, she tried touching her pussy but the handcuff around her wrist were depriving her.

Marcus smirk, he strode to the bed where she was positioned at the edge of the bed and swat down.

His face, facing her swollen pussy as he maintain direct eye contact with her drippy wet entrance. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE “SEX DOCTOR”

THE SEX DOCTOR [HIS SUBMISSIVE (18+)] Novel by Babyauthor
THE SEX DOCTOR [HIS SUBMISSIVE (18+)] Novel by Babyauthor

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