The Secret’s in the Sauce Novel by Amanda M. Lee

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The Secret’s in the Sauce Novel Summary.

Stormy Morgan’s life took a rocky turn, but things are looking up. Sure, she’s a new witch living in her childhood hometown but she’s looking forward to the future. That includes her boyfriend Hunter Ryan moving in with her so they can save up to buy Stormy’s dream house in the spring. Things are going as planned… until a scream interrupts moving day.

It’s chaos on the street, and all that Stormy and Hunter can ascertain is that Edmund, the neighborhood Lothario, is dead, and four of the many women he was screwing around with are standing over his body.

All claim ignorance regarding what happened, but there’s an air of unease rippling through the group and it makes Stormy jittery. Things only go from bad to worse when the dead man’s soul decides he wants a new body… and Hunter’s will do.
If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s a new man in town… and he has Stormy and her magic in his sights. He also seems to be communicating with her cat after dark. That’s not suspicious at all, right?

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Stormy might be new to magic but she’s relentless when it comes to protecting the people she loves most. She’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Hunter is safe, and as for that cat? The truth is about to come out.

So, sit back, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The Secret's in the Sauce Novel by Amanda M. Lee
The Secret’s in the Sauce Novel by Amanda M. Lee

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