The Ritual Affection Novel by Mimi Perry

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The Ritual Affection Novel Summary.

“Argh!”   I cried in pain as my back was pierced by something very sharp. I couldn’t look at it because my hands and legs were tied to a pole.

I gaze at a particular boy in anger; it’s been up to two weeks since I was admitted to Dreamwood Academy, and I have known the boy to be Demas Stuart, a notorious student and a bully.

It was so unfortunate that I had to fall into his trap today, although I had been warned by my new friends that this boy was a troublemaker, but I never believed it until now.

“It seems something else is also angry at you for not minding your business,” Demas’ arrogant voice came out while referring to the object that pierced my skin.

“Please believe me; I didn’t intend to; I was just passing by,” I cried out. He shakes his head and smiles at me. He begins to raise his sleeves towards his arm and unbutton two buttons on his shirt.

I could see his perfect, hard-cornered chest, which was graced by a beautiful type of tattoo that was not fully visible. Looking at his beautiful carved face, my heart flutters,

but I am not that stupid to show my admiration for this beast. ___&&_____ Once a ruthless and arrogant vampire, Demas ruled the campus like a tyrant.

His rich and powerful family had always ensured that he got everything he wanted, including his pick of the most beautiful and desirable girls on campus.

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But then he met her—the one girl who refused to fall at his feet like all the rest. One day, he met Tiara, a beautiful and strange girl, who caught him beating a student to the point of death. 

What fascinates him Even more about her is that none of his vampire abilities worked on her. She was immune to all his vampire ritual skills that he uses to control and kill people.

“Why?” “Why her?” “What kind of feeling is this?” This became the constant question in the young vampire’s mind since he met her.

The Ritual Affection Novel by Mimi Perry
The Ritual Affection Novel by Mimi Perry

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