The Rise of The Crescent Luna Novel by Leona D

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The Rise of The Crescent Luna Novel Summary.

“With the authority bestowed upon me as the Alpha of The Bloodlust Canine pack, I am rejecting you, Avyanna Cortesi, as my mate.

Forbidding you to be the Luna of this pack because you are frail, incapable of shifting, and we can’t allow other packs to perceive us in that light.

Therefore, I am designating Valen Cortesi, the other daughter of the late Alpha Orion and Luna Zuriel, as my beloved Luna. With her by my side, I think we can take charge of other packs, rule them, and establish ourselves as the most powerful pack in our race.”

Avyanna witnessed her twin sister Valen steal everything that belonged to her, including her mate Alpha Khai of The Bloodlust Canine pack. After being rejected by him,

and suffering in prison as a slave, she found herself in the hands of The Goldencrown Keepers pack, abducted by the strongest rivalry of their pack led by Alpha Pierce, who mistakenly believed she was Valen.

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The future will predict the night that Alpha Pierce was bound to kill her, the largest revelation to emerge. The table turns as she joined them as an ally to defeat the villainous Alpha Khai that she once loved,

yet it has been tainted and replaced by rage and fury. Avyanna will return to The Bloodlust Canine pack well prepared, with a plot in her head, ready to reclaim the crown that belongs to her.

Along with her journey, different twists will arise. But the hardest defiance has been dawned on her by the God of the Moon.

Be the chosen Luna of The Goldencrown Keepers and entrapped the heart of Alpha Pierce despite being stuck as Alpha Khai’s mate.

The Rise of The Crescent Luna Novel by Leona D
The Rise of The Crescent Luna Novel by Leona D

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