The Rise Of A Shadowsmith Novel

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The Rise Of A Shadowsmith Novel Summary

In the ordinary world, Shinon was happy with operating his family business as a weapon supplier to the dungeon divers. However, one day everything changed.

Shinon woke up in a world overrun by zombies. His abilities weren’t made for combat, but when all seemed lost, something happened inside him. A new power awoke within him. The ability to manipulate shadows.

Able to command darkness to do his bidding, Shinon uses his newfound powers to stay alive in a world where death is always around the corner.

As he sets out on his quest, he must navigate through a dangerous landscape filled with zombies, rival survivor groups, and other threats. Along the way, he meets other survivors who join him on his mission.

Together, they face incredible odds and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. As they journey deeper into the heart of the zombie-infested world. Shinon discovers his powers might not be enough to save them all.

He must face not only the hordes of the undead but also his own inner demons as he grapples with the morality of using his powers to save those he loves.

When the stakes grow higher, and the threat of the zombies becomes direr, Shinon must decide what he is willing to sacrifice in order to survive.

Will Shinon use his powers to save humanity from the brink of extinction, or will he succumb to the darkness within him and become the very thing he is fighting against?

The Rise Of A Shadowsmith Novel
The Rise Of A Shadowsmith Novel

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