The Return Of The Heiress (Book 2) Novel

Ensure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Return Of The Heiress (Book 2) by Anna Shannel Lin.

The Return Of The Heiress (Book 2) Novel Summary.

Ivana Huo is a sole descendant of a big conglomerate that rises in the city of Beijing.

Her family business costs billions of dollars, and she has lived a comfortable life since childhood. Her Filipina mother had a big influence on her life,

but at a young age, she suffered her first loss when her Mom died. Later on, her Dad suddenly died too and left her nothing at all. She was thrown away by her relatives, who took over her family business.

She only had one hope to take back what belonged to her, to marry the second-generation rich descendant of Elite Digital Marketing and Financial Investment Company, Brielle Santillian.

She had encountered him during childhood, but the young CEO, Brielle Santillian, never got involved with any woman.

Ivana plans to capture him and marry him to help her take revenge on her relatives. She forced him to take her as his wife after sleeping with him and threatened him that she would expose their videos and photos that night.

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Brielle married her for some reason, his family urged him to find a wife, but he dared not to mention his parents about their relationship.

He helps her to accomplish all her plans, but later on, his cold heart can’t love his wife because he thinks she’s nothing but a user.

He forced her to sign a divorce agreement, but she refused it at first. Accidentally she heard Brielle’s conversation that he would never love her and couldn’t forgive her.

She silently walked away and left everything. She knew she was having his child but she was deeply hurt knowing how Brielle felt towards her.

Would they still get a chance to fall in love after they met again or would she let go of him even though she had loved him since childhood?

The Return Of The Heiress (Book 2) Novel by Anna Shannel Lin
The Return Of The Heiress (Book 2) Novel by Anna Shannel Lin

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