The Rejected Fae Novel by Lovi Pola

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The Rejected Fae Novel Summary.

I, Hailey, thought my fated mate would be the one to stand by me, but he rejected me. And now, in the midst of a string of supernatural killings,

I’m trapped, kidnapped to aid in the hunt for the murderer. I’ve always been a bit of an outcast—hybrid witch-fae—banished from the place I called home.

The Twin Crescent Moon wolf pack and my coven had a long history of intertwining, yet their alpha, the one destined to be mine, wanted nothing to do with my unusual psychic powers.

Five long years have passed since his rejection, and now, a witch’s life has been taken right in my own neighborhood. Despite my roommate’s warnings,

I feel compelled to dig into this. Enough with the parlor tricks I perform at the bar using my visions. This is real, a genuine serial killer targeting witches. And I won’t sit idly by. Then, there’s Matteo,

my fated mate, swaggering into town with all his pomp, demanding that I use my gifts to solve a murder within his own pack. But I’m done bending to his commands.

Of course, he doesn’t take no for an answer. He just shoves me into his car, shutting down any further discussion. His father’s life has been taken, and now he expects me to help,

despite the fact that these very powers were the reason he turned his back on me in the first place. If only I had maced him the moment I saw him.

The Rejected Fae Novel by Lovi Pola
The Rejected Fae Novel by Lovi Pola

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