The Prince Is Mine Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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The Prince Is Mine Novel Summary.

She must volunteer to have sex with charming Prince Khal else he dies in sixty days. Cursed to die by the gods, Prince Khal of Larun Kingdom,

rude to his wicked father, negligent of his mother’s zeal to bring the royal family together and cruel to his father’s female slaves is left with the shock of his life

when the ten female slaves chosen by the Chief Priest of Larun rejected all the offers presented them to climb the Prince’s bed.

Left with the fear of loosing his only son the King of Larun summons the ten slaves and gives them the authority to make any demand in return for one of them agreeing to let the

Prince have a taste of her body and save the throne. It is on the fifty eight day that Ebube the boldest of the ten agrees to have sex with the Prince but her condition is too high;

she is to be made Prince Khal’s betrothed if she must accept. This development annoys Suza, a sacrificing girlfriend of Prince Khal who is as wicked as he is and

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she seeks the friendship and approval of the Queen mother whom she had neglected in the past, Prince Khal’s mother

who had been on a mission to unite the royal family and together they sought for the forgiveness of Kog’s father who is

younger brother to Khal’s father and the two families having been at war with each other came together once again.

The Prince Is Mine Novel by Obiechinna Martins
The Prince Is Mine Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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