The President’s Daring Wife Novel by HusnaS

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The President’s Daring Wife Novel Summary.

“Eve, what exactly are you up to.” Ethan held her chin, staring into her eyes. “Have you developed a new way to achieve your divorce goal?”

“Who said I wanted a divorce?” Eve flashed him her sweetest smile. “You’re my darling husband, and my only goal is to make you happy.”

Ethan looked as if he was about to have a heart attack. The driver lost control and the car almost slammed into the gates.

In her past life, Evelyn was doted on and admired by her husband, Ethan Anderson. But her foul temper and her desire to be with another man made her destroy her marriage.

After that, she fell into a great misery when she discovered that her closest friends were her biggest enemies. It was too late, and she had to carry the regret to her grave.

When she gets a second chance in life, Will she have the opportunity to redeem herself?

The President's Daring Wife Novel by HusnaS
The President’s Daring Wife Novel by HusnaS

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