The Predator’s Fiancée Novel by Da-Woo

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The Predator’s Fiancée Novel Summary.

Orphaned and living in a monastery, Elisha De Lauer was content and happy. That was until the De Cartiers, known for having magical abilities, came to find her.

This snake-filled family forces Elisha into a slave contract with their eyes on inheriting her many assets. After years of servitude to the De Cartiers, Elisha meets a gruesome end at the hands of her captors.

That would’ve been the end of her tale, but as she closed her eyes to die, she awoke again in her own past as if nothing had ever happened.

With this second chance, she vows revenge on the De Cartiers and finds the perfect accomplice in rumored maniac, Lucerne Des Kayas. Lucerne, an outcast member of the De Cartier family, has also sworn revenge on them.

But, his unwavering distrust of everyone stirs him to form a contract with Elisha only under one condition. She must agree to marry him.

Flung into a fake marriage, these two align to uncover the secrets of the De Cartiers and bring each member down.

There’s just one secret they each can’t seem to figure out. Why does it seem like they have met before?

The Predator's Fiancée Novel by Da-Woo
The Predator’s Fiancée Novel by Da-Woo

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