The Pomegranates Kiss Novel by Jolene Middlemiss

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Pomegranates Kiss by Jolene Middlemiss.

The Pomegranates Kiss Novel Summary.

My name is Kora and I lost all my memories a month before I met Haden while on a summer vacation ten years ago.

Unaware that he is actually Hades and I AM his Queen Persephone. He has waited ten years for me to come back to him.

Wanting to undo the curse he bestowed upon me with the pomegranate, I had my mother Demeter and him wipe my memories,

so that I would have the choice to pick my fate. My mothers jealousy reaches no bounds. She lied to me after and so I walked away from the one man I have ever truly loved. But hitting rock bottom,

I decide to seek out one of his rock concerts, and take a job he offers to capture their experience on tour.

Now the flames he ignited ten years ago are threatening to burn me alive. Is this the chance that I desperately wanted all that time ago? Will we embrace the fire or let it burn everything we once had?

The Pomegranates Kiss Novel by Jolene Middlemiss
The Pomegranates Kiss Novel by Jolene Middlemiss

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