The Personal Assistant Novel by Samuel tinubu

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The Personal Assistant Novel Summary.

Samuel Trent, following in his accomplished father’s footsteps, had risen to the position of CEO at Trent Gold Company.

Intelligent, successful, handsome, and wealthy, he had firmly decided to prioritize his career over romantic endeavors for the time being. However, unbeknownst to Samuel, his dedicated personal assistant,

Helen Robert, harbored a deep infatuation for him. Her feelings became increasingly evident, especially with the unexpected reappearance of Samuel’s ex-girlfriend,

who seemed determined to win back his affections. Meanwhile, Samuel’s mother eagerly awaited the introduction of his future fiancée to the family, hoping for her son to settle down.

In contrast, his persistent ex-girlfriend was willing to go to great lengths to reclaim his heart. The lingering question remained: Would Samuel Trent succumb to the alluring charms of his ex-girlfriend?

And could Helen navigate the delicate territory of unrequited love to ultimately capture Samuel’s heart?

The Personal Assistant Novel by Samuel tinubu
The Personal Assistant Novel by Samuel tinubu

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