The Paranoid Billionaire’s Trap Novel by Nevsa Ybarra

If you appreciate amazing novels, you won’t want to overlook this remarkable novel, The Paranoid Billionaire’s Trap by Nevsa Ybarra.

The Paranoid Billionaire’s Trap Novel Summary.

Henrik, a paranoid young man from a rich family, believed that women were gold-diggers.

He disguised himself as a car mechanic and married Noreen just to get back at her. In his eyes, she was just a frivolous woman who hated him because of his disability.

He put on the mask of a loving husband who cared for his wife, but in reality, he had no feelings for her at all. It was all a ploy to get her to fall into his trap.

One thing led to another and Henrik’s plan slowly got out of his control. It wasn’t until the divorce was finalized that he realized what a fool he had been. Noreen wasn’t like other women at all.

He soon found that he was head over heels in love with her, so he tried to win her back without backing down. Noreen frowned at him for the umpteenth time and sneered,

“Mr. Sanchez, you must have mistaken me for someone else. I was never married to you. My ex-husband was just a mechanic. You are the richest businessman in the country.

How can you be my ex-husband? Please I would appreciate it if you stop pestering me.” Henrik was at wit’s end now. Out of desperation, he blurted out, “I can be a mechanic again, just for you.

I’ll resign from Sanchez Group and become poor again. Just come back to me, honey.” Noreen was too stunned to speak. What the hell had gotten into him?.

The Paranoid Billionaire's Trap Novel by Nevsa Ybarra
The Paranoid Billionaire’s Trap Novel by Nevsa Ybarra

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