The Oddball Lady’s Fiancé Novel by EunSeonhwa

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Oddball Lady’s Fiancé by EunSeonhwa.


The Oddball Lady’s Fiancé Novel Summary.

Zany alchemist Rebecca O’Klein is far from a typical noble lady. At 24, she is still unmarried and spends her days cooped up at the workshop practicing her craft rather than attending lavish balls.

Unfortunately, her eccentric lifestyle is jeopardized by her family pressuring her to quit her profession and finally find herself a husband.

But who would want to marry “The Oddball Lady of High Society”? Enter Carlyle Rowinster, a duke who’s also reluctant to settle down.

He suggests Rebecca enter a contract engagement with him, and in exchange, he’ll help her become the greatest alchemist ever!

The Oddball Lady's Fiancé Novel by EunSeonhwa
The Oddball Lady’s Fiancé Novel by EunSeonhwa

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