The Novel’s Sidekick

The Novel’s Sidekick by Silent Killer is an eastern fantasy novel that follows the story of Aaron.

Summary of The Novel’s Sidekick 

An introverted teen who unexpectedly finds himself transported into Forbidden Realms, his favorite web novel. Aaron is supposed to be a supporting character to the main character of the book, but his plans to lead a quiet, uninteresting life are derailed when he gets involved in the plot.

He learns how to communicate with the author of the book as he makes his way through this strange new world, and as he does so, the author offers Aaron helpful advice on how to survive. Aaron quickly becomes entangled in the plots and conflicts of the book while attempting to elude the protagonist and the other strong individuals who live in the Forbidden Realms.

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The Novel's Sidekick by Silent Killer
The Novel’s Sidekick by Silent Killer

He starts to make his way into this fantastical world with the aid of his newly discovered abilities and the author’s guidance.

Fans of Eastern fantasy and web novels will enjoy the entertaining and compelling plot of The Novel’s Sidekick. It offers a unique perspective on the well-known tropes of the genre and captivates readers from beginning to end.

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