The Ninth Hero Novel

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The Ninth Hero Novel Summary

In the enigmatic realm of Pandora, a world teeming with mystical beings, including dragons, elves, dwarfs, beasts, and humans, a malevolent force rises. Known as the Demon Emperor, his insatiable thirst for power drives him to conquer and annihilate the peaceful races that inhabit Pandora.

Countless lives have been claimed in the wake of his destructive reign, plunging the realm into fear and despair.
Amidst this darkness, a figure of immense authority and benevolence emerges—the Supreme Goddess Rebecca, the ruler and deity of Pandora. Recognizing the imminent peril faced by her cherished races, she and her divine counterparts decide to summon eight exceptional individuals from another world to aid in their struggle against the Demon Emperor’s tyranny.

But destiny takes a cryptic turn when Karna, a seemingly ordinary 21-year-old boy, is unwittingly entangled in a summoning ritual. Lacking the extraordinary talents of the chosen ones, Karna’s presence in Pandora becomes a perplexing anomaly—a result of an unforeseen glitch in the summoning magic circle.

Initially sympathetic to Karna’s plight, the Supreme Goddess agrees to return him to his own world. But her compassion swiftly transforms into ruthless disdain, banishing him to Pandora with a cruel declaration that his insignificant existence is unworthy of her divine attention.

Sympathetic to Karna’s, another goddess extends her compassion to him, unknowingly bestowing upon him a gift far more powerful than one could imagine.

The Ninth Hero Novel
The Ninth Hero Novel

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