The Nightmarish Reality by Dr_Awan00

The Nightmarish Reality by Dr_Awan00 is a gripping Eastern Fantasy novel that explores the life of Elena, 

Summary of The Nightmarish Reality

Elena is a young working woman who struggles to control a rare gift. Because of her ability to see her worst fears come true, Elena is terrified of herself.

The plot twist occurs when Elena begins experiencing even more terrifying nightmares about a enigmatic man who appears to be related to her in some way. Elena has no idea that this man is about to turn her entire life into a nightmare.

The reader is taken on an exciting journey throughout the entire book as Elena searches for the meaning of her nightmares and learns how to control her gift. She meets a variety of intriguing characters who aid her in her search along the way.

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The Nightmarish Reality by Dr_Awan00
The Nightmarish Reality by Dr_Awan00

Because of Dr_Awan00’s captivating and immersive writing style, it’s easy for readers to lose themselves in the narrative. The novel’s charm comes from a special fusion of modern life and Eastern mythology.

Fans of Eastern fantasy and anyone who appreciates an engrossing narrative with unexpected turns should not miss The Nightmarish Reality.

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