The Mech Touch by Exlor

The Mech Touch by Exlor is a cool futuristic sci-fi book taking place in the Age of Mechs. Ves Larkinson, the main character, is from a military family way out in the galaxy.

Summary of The Mech Touch

Ves wasn’t gifted with the natural talent to pilot mechs, so he decided to be a mech designer instead. Ves gets the Mech Designer System with the help of his absent dad. It’s a mysterious tool that could make him the best mech designer in the galaxy.

Ves’s products are based on life’s principles, and he gains fame by inventing powerful and compatible mechs that could revolutionize the industry. However, success isn’t simple, and Ves has trouble selling his mechs in the eager market.

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As Ves’s group of misfits grows, he has to survive in the cut-throat mech market and keep control of his business. Meanwhile, humanity’s errors in the galaxy are quickly catching up, and Ves has to find ways to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous environment.

The Mech Touch by Exlor on Webnovel
The Mech Touch by Exlor on Webnovel

The story is full of intense mech battles, fascinating characters, and detailed mech descriptions. Exlor creates an immersive world with a complex political landscape and deep history, adding depth to the story. Overall, The Mech Touch is a captivating and well-written book that will attract sci-fi and mecha, anime lovers.

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