The Master’s Third Wife Novel by fbnovels

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The Master’s Third Wife Novel Summary.

Princess Kaylan – that was her name. Young, pretty, smart, and most importantly, crazy. She wasn’t the regular kind of princess you must’ve read in books or heard about.

As a matter of fact, her family and people of her Kingdom often wondered if she was really the King’s daughter. If it wasn’t for the extreme love and trust King Moreh had for his fourth wife –

who was Kaylan’s mother – he’d have doubted and questioned her loyalty and suspected Kaylan was for another man – not him.. Kaylan was always seen on the streets, playing, fighting and causing confusion.

Go to the busiest places in the Kingdom – there you’ll find Kaylan. Go to the market place – Kaylan would surely be there. When you see a crowd gathered due to a fight,

check properly and Kaylan must be involved. That’s been the life of the princess. Her parents were already tired of talking and had become so fed of Jaden’s unruly lifestyle.

She’s never behaved like royalty – never. Instead, she prefered living on the streets and doing crazy things. Her step mothers and sisters hated her as well due to the shame she often brought to the family.

And that was because, most of the time, people were always at the palace to lay complaints about Kaylan. When the King tried all he could but couldn’t change his daughter, he decided to make a drastic decision.

He decided to marry her off to the Master and also known as the beast – Master Xander. Master Xander was the ruler of the popular Xander community. He was fierce, cold evil and heartless – so many people believed.

He had no time for the pleasures of life as all he thinks about was “war”. He was one of the most skillful in sword fights and Xander could fight a hundred men alone and come out victorious – that was just how powerful he was.

If Xander wasn’t in a battle field, he was in the training ground. If Xander wasn’t killing someone, he was definitely watching a person get punished. That was his daily routine.

That was the only pleasure he enjoyed. People feared and respected him so much. They worshipped the ground he stepped on. Even when he was wrong, nobody dared to correct him or say a word to him.

Though, he wasn’t a King but just a Master of a community, people felt he was more powerful than 10 Kings put together. He’s been married to two ladies previously, but they all ended up dead – due to Unknown reasons.

When Kaylan discovers her father was marrying her off to the beast, she couldn’t help but panic. For the first time in her life, she’d promised to change and become more of a princess, but it was too late as King Moreh had already made up his mind.

Kaylan’s mother begged him to reconsider, fearing her daughter might never come back alive, but the King still wouldn’t change his mind. Who would want to get married to such a man? A man who’s never smiled,

A man who kills without a second thought. And a man who’s lost 2 wives mysteriously. Kaylan felt her case would be like that of his other two wives and she might die as soon as she arrives.

Definitely, it was a bad idea for someone as crazy as Kaylan to become the Master’s third wife.

The Master's Third Wife Novel by fbnovels
The Master’s Third Wife Novel by fbnovels

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