The Mafia’s Wife Novel by Araxxcles

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Mafia’s Wife by Araxxcles.

The Mafia’s Wife Novel Summary.

Danica, a 25 years old who got married to a mafia boss name Zeke. Her life before was miserable and she choose to get married to experience a normal life but as soon she meet Zeke the mafia,

she struggles and become miserable again because of its personalities. When she only thought her husband was ruthless and scary but later on she felt how the mafia show the loved for her.

But, can she still accept her husband love when she always experience being hunt by others.

Her life is uncertain, she might die because of him. She struggles more being his wife, being a mafia’s wife.

The Mafia's Wife Novel by Araxxcles
The Mafia’s Wife Novel by Araxxcles

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