The Mafia Lord’s Betrothed Novel by Sapphire Dee

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Mafia Lord’s Betrothed by Sapphire Dee.

The Mafia Lord’s Betrothed Novel Summary.

Kiana Smith, the daughter of a carpenter got betrothed to A Mafia Lord at the age of eighteen because her father failed to pay back the huge sum of money he borrowed.

Now at 20 years old, The Mafia Lord is back to get a replacement for his money. Extract from the story “No!!! You can’t just give me off to him like that!” I wailed, struggling against the hold of the huge men that were keeping me in place.

“I’m sorry, Kiana. But this is beyond my control. You have been promised to him ever since you turned 18.” My father said, his head bowed in despair.

“Nooooooo.” I screamed as the huge men dragged me out of the house.

The Mafia Lord's Betrothed Novel by Sapphire Dee
The Mafia Lord’s Betrothed Novel by Sapphire Dee

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