The Mafia King by Emma Louise

The Mafia King by Emma Louise is a horror and thriller novel consisting of 57 chapters. 

Summary of The Mafia King” by Emma Louise 

Daniele, Gianni, Armani, and Santino Robustelli are the sons of Valerio Robustelli, a well-known businessman in Italy with many contacts. Gianni is set to take over his father’s business, but first he must find a wife. 

He has just the girl in mind, Alora Benson, whom he met almost eight years ago when they moved to the U.K. 

They were good friends and even had a romantic relationship, but Gianni’s family had to leave and return to Italy due to family circumstances.

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The Mafia King by Emma Louise
The Mafia King by Emma Louise

Gianni has returned to the United Kingdom in order to locate Alora and bring her back to Italy for their wedding. He has not, however, revealed his Italian background or what his family does for a living. Gianni is concerned that Alora will reject him once she realizes he is the Mafia king. 

As the story progresses, Alora’s life becomes entwined with Gianni’s Mafia connections, and she must navigate the perilous world of organized crime. She soon realizes that her life is in danger and that she must make difficult choices in order to survive.

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Character development is excellent, and plot twists and turns will keep readers on the edge of their seats. “The Mafia King” is an absolute must-read for anyone who enjoys a good thriller with a romantic twist.

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