The Mafia Don’s Crazy Beauty Novel by Sabelle

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The Mafia Don’s Crazy Beauty Novel Summary.

Warning- Mature Audiences only!. -Strong sexual content. -® rated language. © Original work. Description: “Get up!.”

He commanded. His voice was stern and his cold blue eyes pierced into my skin. I didn’t look fazed by his intimidating demeanor. “You muckerfucker blood-sucking demon.”

I cussed, biting down my lower lip to hinder myself from not raining more curses at him. He smirked. He glided across the room until he stood in front of me,

I looked right into his eyes as he lowered down to my level. His hand gripped my chin up, his blue eyes looking deep into mine.

“You won’t end well if you continue to speak to me like that,” I smirked. “I am not afraid of you!” He smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. “And you’re afraid of death, I am death.” My jaw dropped.

He knows where to get me. He let go of me seeing my frightened look and looking satisfied. “But you didn’t have to kill that girl for my sake. She did nothing.” “Someone’s going to cover up for you.”

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He turned around and went to sit on my bed. “But I didn’t kill him. There was nothing to cover up for.” “Oh, dear.” He said and lit his joint up. “He died.” I froze.

I killed someone too. I’ve stained my hands with blood. “Don’t look too surprised and all that stunned. That’s one thing you’ll learn how to do and face. You’ve got to learn how to kill.”

Vanora Campbell’s mom died leaving her with her uncaring father, she blamed her father for killing her mother and lived so carelessly thereafter.

Her life turned upside down when her dad sold her to the Italian mafia boss, Zavi Covillie.

The Mafia Don's Crazy Beauty Novel by Sabelle
The Mafia Don’s Crazy Beauty Novel by Sabelle

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