The Mafia Boss’s Mute Bride Novel by Snow Barbie

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The Mafia Boss’s Mute Bride Novel Summary.

After a deal gone wrong that leads to half of his soldiers being killed, a mafia boss is forced to knock on the doorstep of his enemies.

What was supposed to be a measure to secure his empire turns out to be a wedding proposal to ensure peace between both criminal organizations.

Soon, he realizes he’s tied to mute woman who hates his guts. Although mute, Ariana Rossi is not one to back down from a challenge.

She hates the big Russian, but she’s determined to marry him to protect her family from his cruelty. Feelings were never supposed to be developed,

but as months pass and emotions begin to blur, she finds her loyalty being torn between her family and a husband she swore to hate; one who had fast become her safe haven in their cruel world.

With internal and external forces trying to tear them apart, she can only hope she has her husband by her side at the end of it all.

The Mafia Boss's Mute Bride Novel by Snow Barbie
The Mafia Boss’s Mute Bride Novel by Snow Barbie

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