The Lycan’s Human Mate Novel by Avvi Keller

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The Lycan’s Human Mate Novel Summary.

Due to the heartache, she receives from her fiancé, Jaidyn makes an impulsive decision to continue the trip she had originally intended to do with him.

As soon as she arrived in the town, she had an overwhelming attraction to both the setting and the enigmatic man.

However, secrets have come to light as a result of her continued presence there. She was more than just a human; she was the mate of a being that she had never in her wildest thoughts imagined to exist.

With her heartbroken over her ex-fiance and prime life in another country, she was in for a ride that will set the course of her life.

The Lycan's Human Mate Novel by Avvi Keller
The Lycan’s Human Mate Novel by Avvi Keller

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