The Luna’s second mate Novel by Psychø

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The Luna’s second mate Novel Summary.

Melanie is a a friendly but strong werewolf. With a smile of gold and heart of diamond. First child of Alpha Lucas of Ivory pack.

People look up to her as a Luna but she’s a Luna without a mate. Which leaves her devastated and weak. Constantly enduring the insults of her cousins and her tormenting half sister.

The moon goddess decides to shine her luck on her but her mate refuses to be with her. After her rejection she acknowledges the fact that she will remain mateless and she decides to explore herself more and she leaves her city.

During her journey she ends in a one night stand with a stranger. Melanie did not believe the tale of the second mate but she found herself one.

Things go well with her new mate but when she finds out he is a vampire and he finds out she’s a werewolf their friendship weakened.

But connection they feel is strong and they fall deeper in love Destiny takes a turn on them as her first mate comes back to reclaim her but she is already in love with another person.

The Luna's second mate Novel by Psychø
The Luna’s second mate Novel by Psychø

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