The Luna is Not Your Hero Novel by Yukiro

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The Luna is Not Your Hero Novel Summary.

Ashlee was always the odd one out ever since she was born. Rather than being born human and later gaining her wolf form, she was the complete opposite.

She had been born a cute furball of grey fur while her younger twin siblings had been born normal.

She was still connected to the pack like any other werewolf, of course, but this strange birth confused the pack. When alpha Leon of the Prideblood pack enters the borders of another pack, he never expected to meet his mate there.

At first, he is pleased Ashlee already has her wolf form, thinking her to have been born superior to any female before her. However, when he learns she was born as a wolf, he rejects her as his mate.

Claiming she is cursed and the Moon got it wrong. Devastated, Ashlee runs off to be by herself, but while she is gone, Leon begins to slaughter her entire pack out of anger and rage from the insult of an imperfect mate.

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When Ashlee realises what is going on, she comes back to try and help, but her mother forces her to take the twins and run. She vows revenge on the man who broke her heart and killed her family.

The Luna is Not Your Hero Novel by Yukiro
The Luna is Not Your Hero Novel by Yukiro

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