The Lost Dom Series Novel by Leann Lane

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The Lost Dom Series Novel Summary.

Book One: Rebecca is young and innocent when Noah Jones moved in next door. Wise and worldly, he never would have thought he would be drawn to such a shy, fumbling girl.

However, from the moment that he failed to rescue Rebecca’s welcome pie, he couldn’t put her out of his mind. But there was no way that he could introduce her to what most would consider a depraved lifestyle.

On the same note, he couldn’t keep himself away from her. Rebecca is wildly attracted to Noah, more so than she had been to anyone before. He makes her feel things that, even at 19, she couldn’t understand. But she wanted to find out with him.

But what would people think about a young woman such as herself getting caught up in all Noah’s luscious debauchery? And should she care? It only got worse when her strict,

uptight parents started pushing her into the arms of the one man in town that almost made her physically sick. Keith is not the kind of man that Rebecca wanted to be tied to, much less be alone with.

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However, when Rebecca’s secret love for Noah comes out in the open. She is forced away from everything and everyone that she knew. Book Two: Molly Harper has always been considered a wild child.

Not that she was ever really crazy. But she could be called rash at times. This was a quality that has gotten her into a few scrapes.

Thankfully, she has always had someone she could rely on to help her out. Even if he does grumble about her irresponsibility.

But during her summer vacation from college, she has finally gotten the chance to get out from underneath the watchful eye of her unwarranted protector, Scott Monroe.

In the romantic, beautiful city of Paris, no less. But when her rash, passionate decisions landed her right in Scott’s lap, she knew her life was changing forever.

Scott was not looking to work with his father’s company any longer than he had to. Just long enough to show him that he was able to make what his father called “adult decisions”.

His dream was to open a club in the heart of Denver and be his boss, business owner. To do that, he needed his father’s help and money.

But when Molly is kneeling in front of him, looking up at him with those sexy, defiant eyes, he would forget his plans every time. Molly is determined to not let Scott ruin another fun and exciting adventure.

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Until she realizes that Scott is exactly the person she needs to show her this new lifestyle that she has found.

Scott just wanted to keep her safe until he could find someone to take care of her. If there was someone that lived up to his standards, that is.

The Lost Dom Series Novel by Leann Lane
The Lost Dom Series Novel by Leann Lane

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