The Last Prince of Rennaya

The Last Prince of Rennaya by Nyghtwryter is a science fiction novel about Osei, the young prince of Rennaya, a once-prosperous planet. 

Summary of The Last Prince of Rennaya

Atlas, the emperor of Ceria, invades Rennaya in search of the legendary Rennayan, a person who has the ability to bend the will of all four elements: fire, ice, earth, and electricity. King Zenu of Rennaya gathered the blood of one billion of his people before the invasion to create the perfect serum, which he entrusted to his young son Osei. 

Osei’s mission was to find a human mother who looked exactly like him and give her the serum. Osei successfully completed the mission but was captured in the process and became a runaway slave on Earth.

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The Last Prince of Rennaya
The Last Prince of Rennaya

Osei returns to Earth twenty years later, shaking up Tobi’s world and awakening dormant powers within him. Earth, on the other hand, is no longer safe, and Osei must confront Atlas and his army in order to protect his newfound home.

This is a well-written science fiction novel that transports readers to different worlds and introduces them to interesting and distinct characters. The plot is filled with action, adventure, and mystery, which keeps the reader interested throughout the book. The story also touches on family, loyalty, and sacrifice, making it an appealing read for fans of science fiction. 

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The Last Prince of Rennaya is a captivating book that is definitely worth reading.

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