The King’s Woman Novel by Orits Shola

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The King’s Woman Novel Summary.

This story is pure fiction…any resemblance to characters, events or historical is coincidental.

There are different versions across the countries about the story of the Wales kingdom, the love story between the king of Wales and the girl who was a no body.

Their love story was tragic and over the years, people could never forget it. Some say their love conquered and brought peace,

some say their love claimed lives and brought forth disaster while others say both. -Well I’m about to tell you my own version of this story but you should know that it might not be accurate,

so I leave you to consider it honest as much as you want. The kingdom of Wales had many enemies and had encountered numerous attacks.

The subjects of the kingdom no longer felt safe to reside in the kingdom and they cried out to their king, to come to their aid but what could their king do, when he was helpless himself.

Running for his life after he met another attack on his way back from Swansea, he falls on the help of Hazel, a commoner who resides in Swansea with her mother.

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Hazel lived a simple life in Swansea with her mother. Her simple life soon turned upside down when she falls for King Arthur.

She found herself caught in the middle of the politics and treacherous activities of the palace.

The King's Woman Novel by Orits Shola
The King’s Woman Novel by Orits Shola

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