The King’s Chosen Bride Novel by Mercy ND

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The King’s Chosen Bride Novel Summary.

He found the idea of having a wife distasteful and repulsive, but why does his heart beat faster every time he sees HER?

Catherine Jones is a gorgeous and successful journalist, slowly mending her broken heart after a devastating betrayal from her long-term boyfriend and envious stepsister.

Her miserable life takes an unexpected turn when she gets a marriage proposal from the most powerful king in the world, who sees her potential.  

Shawn Ivan Larson, the sinfully handsome billionaire King of Australia, was under immense pressure to find a suitable bride to assist with royal duties.

‘The people need a Queen.’ Unfortunately, his personality was as icy, cold, and ruthless as the Arctic sea, sending chills down the spines of those who dared to cross his path.  

What’s worse? A past betrayal from his first love made him harbor a deep-seated hatred toward the opposite gender. How can he cope with having a wife?

The King’s Chosen Bride Novel by Mercy ND
The King’s Chosen Bride Novel by Mercy ND

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