The Hate Between Us Novel by Dyslexia O. D

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The Hate Between Us Novel Summary.

It all started with a night stand. In fact, most love stories begin with a night stand, but this was different.

After spending a night with an unknown person, Tristen is baffled with the thought that he may be attached to the person, even though he didn’t know her, but he tried to push the thought aside,

since it was just a one night stand. But after the girl reappears again, seeking a job in his company, he tries to make her pay for what she did, for making him think of her even after he swore that he wouldn’t have another woman in his life.

He makes her life unbearable, discomforts her at work and sneers at her in public. It was clear they hated each other. But what would happen later on, when he realizes that he loved her after all,

that all he felt between them was love but misconcepted as what? Will he chew on his ego and go for the person that made his pupils dilate or will be press it down until he forgets all about her?

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Will he go back on his words against the fact that he hated women and loved her like his heart wanted him to, or will he be the stoic, cold Tristen everyone knew him to be?

The Hate Between Us is a suspenseful story of unfortunate people that fell in love in the worst of time and in an unlikely way.

The Hate Between Us Novel by Dyslexia O. D
The Hate Between Us Novel by Dyslexia O. D

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