The First Snow Novel by Claret Vale

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The First Snow Novel Summary.

Rosalie was the daughter of George King. One of the richest and most powerful men in early British North America. Hakeem was Rose’s secret lover and a worker in her home.

They were at opposite ends of hierarchy according to society at the time. And the relationship between a lowly worker and the master’s daughter was forbidden.

Torn between her father’s vehement opposition to their relationship, and her love, Rosalie decides to elope with Hakeem. But… they didn’t hide well enough.

Their tragic end was given light by the promise they made each other. In the modern day Canada they’re both reincarnated as Mateo and Scarlett.

They cross paths. Two strangers with memories of a life they never lived. Will history repeat itself?

The First Snow Novel by Claret Vale
The First Snow Novel by Claret Vale

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