The Erotic Pen Novel by Yukides

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Erotic Pen by Yukides.

The Erotic Pen Novel Summary.

“Pornography isn’t a crime. It’s a necessity.” 23 year old porn script writer Ravine Renaldi is chased down by Aaron Skiez, a budding human arts film director.

One day Aaron discovers the woman he hooked up with was Ravine herself, the woman he admires to no end. She creates a deal wherein 3 months of their sexual relationship shall decide if she will write a script for him or not.

In the meantime, many of Ravine’s friends fall in love with each other as well. Ravine finally realizes that second chances can be given and not every man is abusive.

The Erotic Pen Novel by Yukides
The Erotic Pen Novel by Yukides

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