The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship for Top Students

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree (EMJMD) is a prominent, comprehensive, international study program offered in collaboration by a group of international higher education institutions.
In keeping with its commitment to extending options for high-quality higher education for young people, the European Union (EU) has issued a call for applications for next year’s Erasmus+ scholarship program.

Following the success of the Erasmus+ programme from 2014 to 2020, the Erasmus+ programme from 2021 to 2027 expands opportunities for mobility and cooperation with partner countries outside of Europe, focusing on its qualitative impact and contributing to more inclusive and cohesive, environmentally friendly, and digitally fit societies.

Furthermore, the program provides young pupils with the education, skills, and competencies they need to succeed in a globalized economy, thereby supporting nation-building. Social inclusion, green and digital transitions, and encouraging young people to participate in democratic life are all highlighted in the 2021-2027 program. Improved employment opportunities, greater entrepreneurship capabilities, increased digital competencies and foreign language skills, and so on are some of the other advantages.

Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is for students who intend to further their education in post-graduate studies not minding their course of study. If you want to go for your master’s degree via scholarship, this is for you.

Host Nationality

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship is hosted by Erasmus+. A program orchestrated by the EU to support international students.

Eligibility for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship

Students from all over the world with a degree are eligible to apply. Before beginning the master’s program, you must have a bachelor’s degree (first degree) or be in your final year of bachelor’s studies and have graduated.

You can also apply if you have a bachelor’s degree or a comparable level of education. This must be formally recognized in the degree issuing country, by national legislation and practices.

Requirements to Apply for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship

You must be prepared to submit the following documents to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship:

  • Degree Certificate
  • Application Form
  • Transcripts
  • Research proposal: You should have published theses, award certificates, and other evidence of your academic accomplishments and research ability.
  • A research proposal or a study plan (written in Chinese or English, a minimum of 800 words for master applicants and 1500 words for PhD applicants).
  • Letters of Recommendation

Application Process

The application for the scholarship is online. Visit Erasmus Mundus Catalogue for more information.

Selection Process

Erasmus+ is completely in charge of the selection process for the scholarship. Erasmus+ selects beneficiaries or winners at its discretion.

Successful applications will be contacted to prepare grant proposals; unsuccessful applications will be placed on a reserve list or discarded. An invitation to participate in grant preparation does not imply a formal commitment to financing. Before awarding a grant, Erasmus+ will need to run several legal checks, including legal entity validation, financial capability, exclusion checks, and so on. You will be asked to submit your organization’s financial information at this time.

Winners are usually announced after the selection process.

Scholarship Award

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship provides full-time scholarships and/or fellowships that cover your monthly allowance, participation fees, travel expenses, and insurance costs.

Scholarship payments vary according to your level of study, length of study, and nationality (scholarships for non-EU students are higher than for EU students).

Deadline for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship

The majority of organizations accept applications between October and January for courses beginning the following academic year. For information on courses, application procedures, and scholarship opportunities, students should contact the respective consortium directly.


At the master’s level, Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters are high-level and integrated study programs. They’re created and distributed by a global consortium of higher education institutions (HEI). They must include at least three HEI from three different countries, two of which must be the EU Member States and one from a third country affiliated with the Programme (previously called Programme Countries).

The EU hopes to enhance the excellence and internationalization of member institutions by financing these jointly recognized Master’s degrees. Scholarships are available for students to participate in these esteemed programs; the masters themselves award them to the top-ranked applicants from around the world.

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