The Don’s Damsel Novel by Billiejo Priestley

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The Don’s Damsel Novel Summary.

Marco – I’m the Don of the Cosa Nostra. I’m cold, heartless and shielded and never let others in.

I learnt from a young age to hide everything and conceal my true feelings. My childhood was horrendous, and now as the Don, I am faced with a loveless engagement that was agreed upon purely for business purposes.

I can’t love the woman I’m marrying, but I have to marry her. Lucia – Life was great until a year ago, I had just been told about my mother’s death to watch the love of my life and sister shot before my eyes.

The loving father I once had, now cold, calculated, sells me. I’ve faced life with men who are truly vicious, and sadistic, I feel like I will never be free.

My newest owner, fiance, boyfriend or whatever you wish to call him, his last quest for me leaves me facing Marco – The Don.

I won’t go down without a fight. Keeping me captive in his great fortress, I can’t escape Marco, but do I want to? What I thought was my life,

crumbled down when I found out the secrets my family had hidden. Secrets that link me to the Cosa Nostra. Marco is engaged to marry Roxy for business.

I’m engaged to marry Dan after being sold to him. Stealing Marco’s gun seems to have freed me from Dan, but uncovering my link to the Cosa Nostra,

makes Marco keep me locked in his home. Only neither of us can ignore the feelings. Will both our engagements crumble, will I ever get my happy ending?

Will Marco ever live a day without hiding the true him? PLEASE BE AWARE. Do not read if you are sensitive to the TW topics.

This is one of my most open, raw, and descriptive books. It isn’t often it fades to black. This book contains the following TW – R*pe, onscreen, offscreen, fade to black.

Kidnapping. Torture. Murder, and more. PLEASE NOTE: All Three books will be together as one. Marco’s, Lorenzo’s and Dario’s stories hence it is so long.

The Don's Damsel Novel by Billiejo Priestley
The Don’s Damsel Novel by Billiejo Priestley

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