The Doctor’s Convict Novel by Bebo Elnadi

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The Doctor’s Convict Novel Summary.

What is an obsession? An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind. And this is what my brother thinks I have and feel toward Lola.

He always asks me to be patient and wait till he figures out how to get her back to me, but I can’t sit like an obedient dog and wait. I can’t live my life as if nothing had happened and my soul wasn’t just ripped out of my body.

Lola isn’t just an obsession to me, she is my life and soul, she is my beating heart. I watched her grow under my care, I waited for her to mature, I fucking protected her even from myself.

From that mindless animal that I am, and when I finally could get what I have always wanted, it was taken away from me. My brother is wrong, I’m not obsessed I am possessed and I will fucking take everyone down to get my little flower back.

The doctor’s convict is book 2 in women of mafia series, you need to read book 1 (Cerberus) first.

The Doctor's Convict Novel by Bebo Elnadi
The Doctor’s Convict Novel by Bebo Elnadi

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