The Damned Demon Novel

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The Damned Demon Novel Summary

The Demon King, the most potent demon to ever emerge on Earth, was murdered by the strongest Hero on the planet. He accomplished something that no other hero has ever been able to.

Unfortunately, the Hero never anticipated that his girlfriend, his friends, and the group he trusted would all suddenly turn on him and attempt to kill him. The blow he received was the cruelest one of his life.

He continued to fight and made an effort to hold his position, but they were well-prepared and caught him off guard in their trap. He battled till he was dead just to be transformed into a demon’s body! But who would have imagined that he would end up being the Demon Queen’s husband?

But being the royal consort was not at all simple. Read on to learn how he plans to defeat those who are attempting to step on him and eventually exact his retribution.

The Damned Demon
The Damned Demon

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