The Chronicles of the Fallen World Novel

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The Chronicles of the Fallen World Novel Summary

In this dangerous world, I thought that I could trust the people who were in my situation. They were my comrades, my rivals, my best friends, and even my love. They promised to stand by my side always, but when I needed their help the most, they abandoned me. But you know what? That’s okay. I’ve learned that trust is rare in this world.

This time, I won’t be the one getting hurt. I’ll be the one doing the hurting. In this academy where everyone tries to be the hero, I’ll embrace the shadows and come out on top. In this fallen world, I’ll become the strongest. Against those who chose to stand against me, I will emerge victorious!

As always, allow me to provide a brief summary of what lies ahead in this novel. It will feature the enthralling backdrop of school life, with established relationships devoid of the typical harem tropes. Romance will be woven into the narrative, but it will be far from cliché or cringe-worthy. The protagonist, while not a villain, is certainly no conventional hero.

I assure you, that the main character will not succumb to irrational decisions, as he will possess a sharp intellect. Secrets will envelop the MC, some even eluding the comprehension of the protagonist himself. Expect mind-bending plot twists, intense drama, and moments of vulnerability.

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Betrayals will test loyalties, and battles will be waged against both monsters and humans, including clashes with entire societies. Finally, let it be known that the hero and the overall story will deviate significantly from the “villain’s side of the novel,” employing a distinct writing style, narrative approach, and unique goals.

Above all, my utmost priority in crafting this novel is to ensure its logical coherence, devoid of any plot holes. It will deviate from the fantastical logic of the novel world and adhere to the rationality of the real world.

Every conversation and every action taken by the characters will mirror those of ordinary individuals rather than idealized figures within a story. They will not be perfect, nor will they be foolish; they shall simply embody normalcy.

The Chronicles of the Fallen World Novel
The Chronicles of the Fallen World Novel

The Chronicles of the Fallen World Free Online Novel

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