The CEO’s Secrets Novel by Samanta Leoni

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The CEO’s Secrets Novel Summary.

A powerful CEO will cross paths with a single mother, a “tough nut to crack,” as he calls her. She’s afraid of getting into a romantic relationship since she was abandoned by her boyfriend.

Ever since, whenever a man approaches her, she scares him away with a brusque attitude. That man with sea-green eyes and cinnamon skin who is her new boss will be her downfall.

Their worlds are different, filled with lies, secrets, and a love triangle; accompanied by a passionately charged romance, it will lead them to the abyss.

Will Katia be able to stay with him after discovering the secret that the stone-faced man holds? Will the CEO be able to reach Katia’s heart?

The CEO's Secrets Novel by Samanta Leoni
The CEO’s Secrets Novel by Samanta Leoni

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