The CEO’s Proposition (Sebastian Brothers) Novel

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The CEO’s Proposition (Sebastian Brothers) Novel Summary.

Powerful. Steadfast. New York’s most eligible bachelor. Rafael Sebastian had been labeled every good and wicked thing in the corporate world.

At the stage of my heartbreak from my crumbling marriage, I literally ran into him as a sexy stranger that hit my hot buttons at first sight.

He left me breathless with a single word and an irresistible smile. But there’s more to Rafael than meets the eye.

He was an enigmatic force with more secrets than answers. So when we got caught in a media scandal that’s unintentionally my fault, the huge business deal he was trying to close almost plummeted to the brink of failure.

To escape the rumors that trapped us, he had a proposition—a tempting solution that could save my pride and his tarnished reputation.

But could I really live a life painted with lies? I know this was a bad idea, but that was something I’d just think about later.

The CEO's Proposition (Sebastian Brothers) Novel by Margarette Grey
The CEO’s Proposition (Sebastian Brothers) Novel by Margarette Grey

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