THE CEO’S ONLY SLAVE Novel by Shalu.k

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Ballerina was a brilliant student. she had only one friend who too died due to cancer. Later her parents died too.

She was broken and had only one family member and that was her aunt. Bellarina went to her Aunts place to live.

But after the sometimes she gets to know that her aunt has sold her to a very rich Billionaire for the sake of money.

James cooper, the rich billionaire of the town. The only eligible bachelor of the town . Was very handsome.

Had golden hairs and muscular body the pair of blue eyes. His blue eyes was so magnificent that you can spend billions just to see them.

James property was on stake as his grandfather died giving him a condition that if he wants his property then he has to marry a girl or any girl before he turns 25 or all his property will be donated to charity.

James gets to know about this when he had only two days ,before turning 25 so in order to save his property he approached ballerina’s aunt and ballerina and James had to marry in Such an such conditions.

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James don’t like ballerina and wanted to give her divorce but ballerina starts to like James. The marriage was held in strange circumstances .

James did marriage in compulsion but ballerina had dreams and expectations from from the marriage.

Let’s see where the story goes… Will James ever fall in love with ballerina or this will be a one sided love story.

THE CEO'S ONLY SLAVE Novel by Shalu.k
THE CEO’S ONLY SLAVE Novel by Shalu.k

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