The CEO’s Little Intern Novel by Muffin_123

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The CEO’s Little Intern Novel Summary.

Josie Garcia is in her final year of University studying Business Law. She is selected for an internship with a fast-rising company.

She was overly excited at first because they only take three students each year for internship and she made that list.

She was happy to be selected for the Research Department but life had other plans for her. Christian Evans.

They say he is a self-centered billionaire that believes he is a King and everyone else is below him. The majority of his employees had never seen him up close or in person.

Respect is what he demands but never gives. He built his company from the ground and it became a Giant Company in less than three years The entire City admires his success and many

females would love to be his but he had never had a serious relationship since he believes all women want the same thing ‚Money.

What will happen when he meets Josie Garcia? A clumsy twenty-two years’ old shorty that does not have a filter.

The CEO's Little Intern Novel by Muffin_123
The CEO’s Little Intern Novel by Muffin_123

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