The CEO’S favorite Novel by Cord3lia

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The CEO’S favorite Novel Summary.

When Aria Jennings loses her previous job because she repeatedly came in late, she has to find a new job as soon as possible because she has to take care of her son.

On a night out at the bar, when she was drinking her miseries away, she meets a handsome stranger, to who she spills her problems. To help, he offers her a card to one of the biggest companies and asks her to contact them for a job.

Desperate, she does exactly what the stranger tells her to do, and surprisingly, she gets the job, only to start working and find out that the handsome stranger is her new boss.

How does she fit in with her new colleagues when it is obvious to everyone that she is her boss’s favorite?

The CEO'S favorite Novel by Cord3lia
The CEO’S favorite Novel by Cord3lia

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