The Ceo’s Addiction Novel by Heavenly Pen

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The Ceo’s Addiction Novel Summary.

Dian Singh, that name sounds cool, but his personality, is the opposite.

Everyone can stand his personality except for one person. Guess who?? He’s frosty, hot, handsome and rude, he hardly smiles.

You can see him smiling only when he’s with his girlfriend or when he’s with his close friends. About his close friends. I’m talking about his personal assistant and his female best friend.

Dian is hot with his red-blooded lips, sexy body, his voice. Oh goodness don’t let us talk about his smartness. He’s so brainy and sharp.

Girls flock around him like bees, all the girls are dying and begging to have him on their bed, even if it’s just a one-night stand. They all throw their bodies at him but he paid zero attention to them.

To him no one is beautiful and faithful like his girlfriend, but is that really true..?? Okay, let’s meet his girlfriend, Izzy, a famous TikToker, brand influencer, verified content creator and a model.

She’s saucy, rude and arrogant. She gets whatever she wants and she gets away with whatever she does. Izzy is very protective of Dian, always picking up a fight and accusing him of being a cheater.

You know only a cheater that will think like that Dian Singh, a very important man, always busy with his time, mistakenly bumps into a crazy girl. Should I call her a maniac? They fought, they argued and they almost beat themselves up.

The maniac girl, meet Sally Roberto. She’s beautiful, smart and crazy with a small curvy shape Sally’s personality is weird to people because she doesn’t bath nor wash her hair because she believes her body doesn’t get dirty easily,

so what’s the essence of bathing? She’s crazy and verrrrry clumsy, there’s no one she can’t talk to and she’s very blunt. What will happen when Ivanka asks her to come over to Dian Singh’s company for a job interview?

What will happen when Dian sees that the girl that insulted him to the lowest level came to his office for a job interview to be his new secretary?

He employed her but he vowed to make life miserable for her, because she insulted him and looked down on him. Will he really succeed in making life miserable for her?? As he tries to make life miserable for her, his cousin Roy will try to make life sweet for her.

A little incident happened between Sally and Dian Singh. That incident changed Sally’s life. What will happen when the betrayer decides to come in? What will happen when babies arrive,

knocking on Sally’s door? Who’s Ivanka?? What was the incident that happened between Sally and Dian? Who are the babies? Let’s find out Meet Sally.

She has always been the smart and loyal friend you could always find around. She was the yes boss kinda girl, but you definitely don’t want to see her when she’s mad.

All these things changed and became hectic when her company was bought by a popular billionaire. Meet Dian. He calculates he never had a thing for sassy ladies.

That is until he meets the girl who’s going to be his new PA. He can’t stop thinking about her face when she’s angry. Dian does everything in his willpower to torture Sally by any chance he gets.

What do you think is going to happen when they come to understand each other? Follow Dian And Sally in this pretentious romance of theirs. You’ll love it. Who do you think will say I love you first? We’ll meet the villain soon.

The Ceo's Addiction Novel by Heavenly Pen
The Ceo’s Addiction Novel by Heavenly Pen

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