The Carnation Goddess Novel

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The Carnation Goddess Novel Summary

Note that this story carried a maturity warning. No NTR but strongly not recommended for the average reader and many of the chapters are probably going to be deleted in the future.

Several thousands of years ago, the Grand Sage Saint was the most powerful cultivator in the Fenghua Great Continent and he created the Carnation Goddess Painting which portrayed the 7 Saintesses in various compromising lewd poses.

From this Carnation Goddess Painting, he is going to select only 1 Saintess to be the Carnation Goddess.

But before this great work can be completed, he is mortally wounded by the 7 Saintesses and is thought to be dead. But he’s back now for vengeance.

Now in cultivation, these were the stages of the cultivation realms; Foundation, Qi Condensation, Bronze Core, Silver Core, Gold Core, Yuan Yin, Revolving Core, Awakened, Saint/ Saintess, Sage Saint/ Sage Saintess, Grand Sage Saint/ Grand Sage Saintess.

The Carnation Goddess Novel
The Carnation Goddess Novel

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