The Broken Luna’s Redemption Novel by Cynthia Chris

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The Broken Luna’s Redemption Novel Summary.

“You are my mate? ” Allen asked. “Ye… Yes,” I nodded. “No, thanks… I don’t want you,” His words pierced my heart like a sharply silver blade.

“How can the Moon Goddess mate me with a weak thing like you, you don’t have a wolf, remember?” He snarled. I’m Aria, I do not have a wolf.

I was treated like a curse and a plague when my mother died because of me. The only thing that kept me going was the hope of finding my mate.

But my world crumbled when I found I was mated to the future Alpha King, my worst enemy, Allen. He rejected me without a second thought, but I can not accept his rejection without a wolf.

I was broken and decided to end my life, but the attempts of ending my life only started my journey of discovering myself! Years have passed, and I become strong and gorgeous,

it is time for me to return to revenge on everyone that contributed to my pain! When I accept my first mate’s rejection formally, I feel a strange pull toward the golden eye Lycan Prince.

The Broken Luna's Redemption Novel by Cynthia Chris
The Broken Luna’s Redemption Novel by Cynthia Chris

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