The Bratty Heiress Novel by Cassandra Davy

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, The Bratty Heiress by Cassandra Davy.

The Bratty Heiress Novel Summary.

“…there will be no other men, I’m a very possessive stalker…” he breathed his words heavily while biting my ear.

“Luka…please…” I moaned my words and thrust my hips as his fingers pleased me, taking me higher with each stroke.  “Say it…say that you will be mine…” 

My mind was clouded by lust, but somehow I knew that I was already his. that I wanted no one else since he kissed me.  “…yours, I will be yours, I am yours…” my hand caressed his hair and he was back to kissing my lips.

Olga… you’re his daughter, you’re the heiress, you’re coming back to him. That was the nail to my coffin. That was my fate. That was my doom.

Luka, she’s the boss’s daughter, she’s way above your league, she’s never going to fall for you. That was the ugly truth. That was the reality. That was the fact.

She’s a player He’s a nerd How will the two struggle? How will their love flourish? How will their relationship grow?.

The Bratty Heiress Novel by Cassandra Davy
The Bratty Heiress Novel by Cassandra Davy

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