The Boy Next Door Novel by Pjewel

Don’t miss this amazing novel titled, The Boy Next Door by Pjewel.


The Boy Next Door Novel Summary.

Gianna Flores is a very beautiful amd intelligent girl who has a painful past which she is trying to forget.

Her past makes her shield herself from the world and creating a giant wall between her and everyone around her except her family.

Alexander McQueen is every girl’s dream boyfriend,he has a dream of becoming a musician which is Father doesn’t agree to.

Alexander and his family move to a new neighbourhood to start afresh meaning Alexander had to change into a new college.

Discover how Alexander and Gianna path cross ways and the changes they bring into each other’s life and also the unexpected feelings that come up. Watch out in this intriguing story.

The Boy Next Door Novel by Pjewel
The Boy Next Door Novel by Pjewel

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